Aesthetics of sound. The cool is yeah!

Film by Valdis Bielykh & Roman Ruktansky.

Sound producers:
Nocow, Saint Petersburg (ГОСТ Звук, Roots United)
Lapti, Moscow (RAD, ГОСТ ЗВУК)
Jonh’s Kingdom, Moscow
Andrei Oid, Latvia / Moscow (Lo recordings, Kompact)
Pixelord, Novosibirsk / Moscow (Hyperboloid rec)
Hmot, Krasnoyarsk, Lesosibirsk (Klammklang)
Foresteppe, Berdsk (Klammklang)
Piper Spray, Moscow
Interchain, Moscow (Incompetence Records)

Esthetics of Sound. “The cool is yeah! (Behind the Scenes)” is a documentary film about modern musicians who created scores for Soviet silent films and animated films. It’s resurrection of something long forgotten in modern time circumstances.

2015   Backstage   Doc   Report   Teaser   Video   Wild † Is