Vito Ricci – I’m at that party right now (official music video)

Vito Ricci it’s one of those composers that can be easily inserted into the cult/erudite music category and currently being discovered by the current generation of music lovers. Curiously enough the present track was edited back in 1984 and re-edited on vinyl in 2015 via the Dutch label Music From Memory named after one of Vito’s albums.

Valdis Bielykh — director
Roman Ruktansky — executive producer
Kristina Mettus — producer
Tim Motskus — 1DP
Ivan Baturin — 2DP
Nadoukka Divin — prop master
Valdis Bielykh — editor
Ruslan Dautov — VFX
Viktor Mischenko – grading
Anya Vasilyeva — choreography
Mary Koh & Alena Shkuropatova — MUA

...justa karaoke-video

Vito Ricci — composer
Jeffery M Jones — lyrics
Ron Vawter — raping

Thanx to Ilya Veksler, Mityaj Kardash
Enthusiast Moscow
Cheers to Music From Memory.