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NUW — concept store creation: naming, brand identity, interior design & online shop (website) design.

New + Now = NUW.

Logotype SIGN was created by wild is in collaboration with Timur Zima <3 with using the font by David Gobber (Part of #nguyengobber in Vienna). And here is the WORKFLOW:

New + Now = NUW.

A CAREFULLY CURATED SELECTION OF INTERNATIONAL BRANDS like 032c, Snow Peak, nanamica, Carhartt Wip, Manastash, C.P. Company, ROA Hiking, Etudes, Oakley, Suicoke, All in, A.P.C., Hoka One One and so on...

Photos by Ujin SUX.

NUW fake abbreviations:
Never Unisex Wardrobe
National Union of Workers.

NUW = Best Buy.

2022   Art   Brand identity   Design   Fashion   Merch   Print   Web-site   Wild † Is


3rd audio/video release of one and only Darkmenistan based rock-n-roll band poexxxali
+ merch designs & friendly fire PROduct placement$$$.

LETASCA x POEXXXALI “Darkmenistan warior” capsule collection by the Great Fruit.

Letasca is a Milan based brand, built on the concept of merging functionality with a refined aesthetic. Essentially Letasca approaches contemporary menswear with a utilitarian attitude that combines ‘form and function’ to redefine the anatomy of the neo-urban man’s uniform. Letasca was launched in 2015, starting by launching a mono product – the now iconic multi pocket vest, to carry your everyday items hands free. Distinguished by this unique design and the use of technical fabrics, today, each piece boasts of practical elements that add value to identity.

Are U still hungry 4 poexxxali merch?
POEXXXALI HOT CHIPS by Paket Kartoshki de$igned by the Great Fruit:

Photos by Sergey Kostromin

Premiera at KNIFE MEDIA

2019   Art   Design   Fashion   Instagram design   Merch   Print

POEXXXALI 2: vinyl, pack & booklet design

Second release of POEXXXALI.
KNIFE.MEDIA about it.

Vinyl Mers 130p. Shop online 24/7 worldwire sheeping or DIGstore at Moscow.

Pack half2half:

“Twice a dinosaur” artwork by Alina Vinogradova.
Design by wild is.

Original canvas by Alina Vinogradova. Photo by Alexey Nikishin.

$hitty booklet inside:

“Dogz don’t give a $hit” backstage & cover photo by Maria Persheeva.
Bone$ “nevercome” drawings by Vladick Shuba. 

Centrale poster photo by Timofey Kolesnikov.

Not 4 sale edition.
Only 30p.:

Pack, booklet & vinyl designed by wild is of theGF.

© 2019 the Great Fruit.
Photos by Alex Kulikov.

2019   Art   Book   Design   Fashion   Magazine   Merch   Print   Wild † Is

Cycle jersey №2

Special COOLlaboratio of MOSKOVSTYLE Cycling Team & POEXXXALI band by the GF.
Not 4 sale.

Designed by wild is.
Produced by veter.


2019   Art   Design   Fashion   Merch   Print   Wild † Is
2019   Art   Music video   Video
2019   Art   Design   Fashion   Instagram design   Print   Wild † Is

Pussygone T$hit x adidas Originals

POEXXXALI x adidas Originals by the Great Fruit.

You: Limited?
Me: 111 ONLY. Cotton 1000%.

White T-shirt with pu$$ygone designs
by wild is of the Great Fruit.

Photos by Sasha Favorov.

2018   adidas Originals   Art   Design   Fashion   Merch   Print   Wild † Is
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