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Moscow Underground | Ep 1 of 2 | Boiler Room x Ballantine’s True Music

Our videoz about Rabitza club became a part of this one:

Boiler Room and Ballantine’s spent some time in Moscow meeting the artists, promoters and venue owners who play a key part in the creation of their underground. We hear how growing commercial interests and the negative public perception of nightclubs has led to a string of venue and event closures, but not without retaliation.

The determination to stay strong and build bigger is evident and has pushed different communities even closer together.

Djmag.com about it.

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Junes — Pacing (Official)

Directed & edited by Valdis Bielykh.
Shot by Timóteus Motskus, David Bintsene, Roman Ruktansky & Valdis Bielykh.
The Great Fruit production, 2017.

The Great Fruit for Wicked Bass Records.
WB020: Junes “Of No Memory”. B1: Pacing.
Vinyl only.

Special thanx to Alexey Murzov, Cupper E30 drift team & Rabitza club.

Interchain — Space Trip

Video by Valdis Bielykh & Roman Ruktansky

Real-time soundscape creation for “Space Trip” movie by Vasily Zhuravlev (1935).
Moscow-based techno-punk duo Interchain has created a new soundscape for the movie. Throughout the flick, they unravel the ambient compositions, which are born in improvisation. Occasional noises, weird reverbs, drowning sounds appear during the screening.
More info: Эстетика звука or http://ezscreenings.com/15/.

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Утро — Сад

Ytro (Russian for morning) has a raw and slightly nostalgic sound reminiscent of 80s Soviet rock underground, and their intricate lyrics is probably one of the finest examples of poetry in the country’s new indie scene. Ytro is a side project of Motorama band members who already explored retro-sounds as Bergen Kremer, although that time with more electronic sound.

Cast: Timoteus Motskus & Galina Usova.
Director/DOP: Valdis Bielykh.
© the Great Fruit | 2016

Special for УТРО band.

More about at Calvert, на фур-фуре, на Афише, на Кольте.

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Interview Russia 4 years

Directed by Valdis Bielykh
Produced by Valdis Bielykh & Roman Ruktansky
Shooted by Valdis Bielykh, Roman Ruktansky, Tim Mockus, Ivan Erofeev
Graded by Pavel Kondratiev
Edited by Valdis Bielykh

Sound support by MR.ROBBERHOOD “Feel the way we play (MOW FLAVA)”.
Актеры Post/A/Nova в качестве ведущих премии #howtobecool, море Белуги, A$AP Bari за пультом и спонтанный джем на танцполе от Banzay x Матрешки in Jazz.

Aesthetics of sound. The cool is yeah!

Film by Valdis Bielykh & Roman Ruktansky.

Sound producers:
Nocow, Saint Petersburg (ГОСТ Звук, Roots United)
Lapti, Moscow (RAD, ГОСТ ЗВУК)
Jonh’s Kingdom, Moscow
Andrei Oid, Latvia / Moscow (Lo recordings, Kompact)
Pixelord, Novosibirsk / Moscow (Hyperboloid rec)
Hmot, Krasnoyarsk, Lesosibirsk (Klammklang)
Foresteppe, Berdsk (Klammklang)
Piper Spray, Moscow
Interchain, Moscow (Incompetence Records)

Esthetics of Sound. “The cool is yeah! (Behind the Scenes)” is a documentary film about modern musicians who created scores for Soviet silent films and animated films. It’s resurrection of something long forgotten in modern time circumstances.

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