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Kind Human Being — Clear

Video by Valdis Bielykh & Tim Motskus
© the Great Fruit | 2016

“Clear” from June Mini — NFminilp 01 by Kind Human Being
New Flesh Records (Lyon, France) — Electro label run by Umwelt

St. Petersburg based DJ and Producer Alexander Moralez (International Deejay Gigolos, Louded Vision, Skylax, Snuff Trax) inaugurates the first of a long series of forthcoming mini-albums on New Flesh Records brand new subdivision NFminilp! Intricate “Kind Human Being” sees the founder of the Mosaique label taking a catchy journey through moody electro and subaquatic sounds a la Drexciya.

Featuring six dark yet inspired tracks from Russia, this collectible release comes in limited “2x7inch” and CD vinyl copies.

2016   Music video   New Flesh Records   Video   Wild † Is

Утро — Сад

Ytro (Russian for morning) has a raw and slightly nostalgic sound reminiscent of 80s Soviet rock underground, and their intricate lyrics is probably one of the finest examples of poetry in the country’s new indie scene. Ytro is a side project of Motorama band members who already explored retro-sounds as Bergen Kremer, although that time with more electronic sound.

Cast: Timoteus Motskus & Galina Usova.
Director/DOP: Valdis Bielykh.
© the Great Fruit | 2016

Special for УТРО band.

More about at Calvert, на фур-фуре, на Афише, на Кольте.

2016   Doc   Music video   Video   Wild † Is

Vito Ricci – I’m at that party right now (official music video)

Vito Ricci it’s one of those composers that can be easily inserted into the cult/erudite music category and currently being discovered by the current generation of music lovers. Curiously enough the present track was edited back in 1984 and re-edited on vinyl in 2015 via the Dutch label Music From Memory named after one of Vito’s albums.

Valdis Bielykh — director
Roman Ruktansky — executive producer
Kristina Mettus — producer
Tim Motskus — 1DP
Ivan Baturin — 2DP
Nadoukka Divin — prop master
Valdis Bielykh — editor
Ruslan Dautov — VFX
Viktor Mischenko – grading
Anya Vasilyeva — choreography
Mary Koh & Alena Shkuropatova — MUA

...justa karaoke-video

Vito Ricci — composer
Jeffery M Jones — lyrics
Ron Vawter — raping

Thanx to Ilya Veksler, Mityaj Kardash
Enthusiast Moscow
Cheers to Music From Memory.

2015   Music video   Video   Wild † Is

Lapti & Nocow – Sirenas

The Great Fruit production (2015).
Cast: Petr Skvortsov, Alexander Dmitriev, Larisa Kokoeva, Isabelle Eidlen.
Director – Valdis Belykh
Producer – Roman Ruktansky
DP – Timóteus Motskus
Gaffer – Valentin Babich
MUA – Olga Surina
Hairstyle – Arsenii Shvets (Noir)

Special thanx to Kristina MettusVyacheslav Grigoriev.

Music + Video = Cognitive dissonance.
October 9th, 2015, fourth vinyl release on Russian label “GOST ZVUK”. It’s Moscow beat-maker Lapti’s first and long-awaited album. For this occasion we prepared a music video to one of the tracks from this album. It’s a feat. of Alexey Lapti and Alexey Nikitin aka Nocow, called “Sirenas”.

More at Calvert, клип в рейтинге 100 великих клипов года, и на фур-фуре.

2015   Fashion film   Music video   ГОСТ Звук

Manuel Gonzales aka MGUN – Frosted Lakes (official music video)

Detroit techno meets the rough setting
of Moscow’s dormitory suburbs.

Video by Valdis Bielykh & Roman Ruktansky.
the Great Fruit production.
Moscow / 2014–2015.

Manuel Gonzales aka MGUN
Mangled mechanical madness on wax.
Making quality music and listening to quality music.

Location: 7760 West Vernor Highway, Detroit 48216, USA
Music: Abstract, Techno, Experimental
Record Labels: Don’t Be Afraid, Wild Oats Music, FIT, TTT, Third Ear Recordings

Filth 12” © Wicked Bass Reccords.
More info at Calvert

2015   Music video   Video   Wicked Bass Records   Wild † Is