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FENTY Puma by Rihanna

Directed & edited by Valdis Bielykh.
Shooted by Valdis Bielykh, Tim Motskus & Roman Ruktansky.
Music: 21 Savage – No Target feat. Brodinski (dammaged).

Thanx to Lunar HarePuma for the creative connection.

2017   Commercial   KM20   Post-promo   Puma   Report   Video   Wild † Is

HM x Kenzo @ Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Directed & edited by Valdis Bielykh.
Shooted by Valdis Bielykh, Tim Motskus & Roman Ruktansky.

Music by Spurv.
Thanx to Lunar HareH&M for the creative connection.

2016   Commercial   H&M   Post-promo   Report   Showcase   Video   Wild † Is

ЛУНА — Нож

CAST: Kristina Bardash, Kotzi Brown, Super Sanya, Alessandro Del Schuko
Director, DOP — Valdis Bielykh
Producer — Roman Ruktansky
DOP — Tim Motskus
Focus Puller — Magamed Gaziev, Dmitry Novikov
Technical assistant — Dmitry Novikov, Oleg Khoroshavin
Gaffer — Dmitry Novikov, Oleg Khoroshavin
Prop master — Olga Pashaeva
Stylist — Lusine
Make up & Hair — Katerina Gorelova
Casting — Valdis Bielykh
Assistant — Julia Orlova
Stunt Driver — Nikita Vetoshkin
Editing & grading — Valdis Bielykh

«Нож», Грустный Дэнс EP · 2016
Thanx to Svetlana Mart, Poko Cox, Sasha Rozet, Julia Diakova-Eliseeva, Sergei Garin, Taisia Azbuka.

2016   Music video   Video   Wild † Is   Луна

Interchain — Space Trip

Video by Valdis Bielykh & Roman Ruktansky

Real-time soundscape creation for “Space Trip” movie by Vasily Zhuravlev (1935).
Moscow-based techno-punk duo Interchain has created a new soundscape for the movie. Throughout the flick, they unravel the ambient compositions, which are born in improvisation. Occasional noises, weird reverbs, drowning sounds appear during the screening.
More info: Эстетика звука or http://ezscreenings.com/15/.

2016   Backstage   Doc   Music video   Report   Showcase   Video   Wild † Is

Yves Saint Laurent — 4 rooms

Dir — Valdis Bielykh
DOP — Tim Mockus
Producer — Roman Ruktan
Focus puller — Dima Novikov
Gaffer — Oleg Khoroshavin
Dir’s Assistant — Misha Tasha
Production assistant — Mansur Feyzulin
Supervisor — Oraz Tokaev
Creative producer — Ilya Tekhlikidi
Project manager — Rostovtsev Andrey
Voiceover editor — Vika Lobanova

Cast: Fedor Smolov, Tim Kolesnikov, Anton Sevidov, Pavel Tabakov.//
Music by Tesla Boy.

Agency R.Point.
Production studio the Great Fruit.

2016   Campaign   Commercial   Fashion film   Promo   Video   Wild † Is   YSL
2016   Music video   Video   Wild † Is

Lay-Far – Drop The Time feat. Ann Weller (Official Music Video)

Spring 2016 the Swedish label Local Talk released Moscow based Lay-Far’s new album ‘‘How I Communicate’’. Among the album’s songs was the track ‘‘Drop The Time’’. According to Sasha (Lay Far) the label wasn’t convinced by this composition and wanted to exclude it from the album.

© The Great Fruit / 2016
CAST: Marusya Fomina, Pavel Tabakov, Pavel Shevando, Roman Ruktansky, Annette Weller, Alexander Lay-Far, Nikita Elenev, Vladislav Semionov, Yaromir Shevchenko, Sergey Kostousov, Edward Kashporov, Anton Petrov, Arina Avtushenko, Alevtina Orekhova, Khristina Kuznetsova.
Director — Valdis Bielykh
Producer — Roman Ruktansky
Cameraman — Tim Motskus
Focus puller — Ksenia Sereda
Assistant — Klim Gammershmidt
Technical support — V. Khmelnitsky & A. Elyan
Best boys grip — I. Marchenkov, S. Bashevsky Y. Tomashevsky
Stylists — Nadoukka Divin, Alisa Gavura, Anastasia Tsybina
Make up artists — Anastasia Orlock, Anna Petrova, Alexandra Agapova, Lyuba Lishnevskaya
Casting call — Isabelle Eidlen
Sound recordist — Oleg Khoroshavin
Choreographer — Banzay (Farfor yo)
Stunt double — A. Pryanikov & S. Fetisov
Editing & Grading — Valdis Bielykh

This music video is about students trapped in a love triangle. The main roles were signed by young but relevant actors such as Pavel Tabakov, Marusya Fomina and Pasha Shevando. The narrator, who keeps telling you – insignificant at the first sight – stories from the T.V. screen is Great Fruit studio producer Roman Ruktanskiy, this was actually his acting debut. We even had some acting doubles cameos in process.

More about на mixmag Россия or at Calvert .

Special Thanx to Christoph Matenaers (Makakali) & Edward Blagievsky.

Lay-Far — Drop The Time (Feat. Ann Weller)

How I Communicate (LTCD006)
© Local Talk Records

2016   Music video   Video   Wild † Is

Два Мяча

DOP-Director: Valdis Bielykh
Studio of the Great Fruit © 2016

Music by Boora & Mr. Robberhood / KingUnderground


1976 Model — the 1976 model has a classic signature design and probably one of the most famous ones. Reminiscent of the 1971 sneaker, the only difference is the presence of side patches adorned with the signature two basket-balls.

Продюсер Роман Руктанский
Музыка: «Глобус» от Jaan Kumani ansambel (Эстония);
Tantsurütme, Melodiya, С62-07357-8
Музыкальный консультант «Эстетика Звука»
Монтаж и цветокоррекция Валдис Белых

В 1974 были выпущены первые предсерийные образцы Нивы (ВАЗ-2121, Lada 4x4). Внедорожник с постоянным полным приводом и большим количеством других новаторских решений стал сенсацией. В 1978 был признан лучшим автомобилем своего класса на международной выставке в Брно.

Также в 1974 была представлена новая модель кед «Два Мяча», она является самой сложной по дизайну и конструкции в линейке бренда. Помимо декоративных боковых вставок и язычка на пятке появилась нейлоновая защита косточек.

Видео «1974» для ДВА МЯЧА является одним из серии «Альманах». Материал был снят/произведен в студии #thegreatfruit в период 2016-2017.

DOP-Director: Valdis Bielykh
Studio of the Great Fruit © 2016

Music by «Аккорд» — Назло Boora edition


1965 Model — the cult model where it all began. Immediately after appearing at sport events the 1965 sneakers started to be worn in more informal occasions and seen almost everywhere. This model has a classic basketball inspired design without any additional details, they’re remarkably simple and comfortable.

2016   H&M   Post-promo   Report   Showcase   Video   Wild † Is
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