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Junes — Pacing (Official)

Directed & edited by Valdis Bielykh.
Shot by Timóteus Motskus, David Bintsene, Roman Ruktansky & Valdis Bielykh.
The Great Fruit production, 2017.

The Great Fruit for Wicked Bass Records.
WB020: Junes “Of No Memory”. B1: Pacing.
Vinyl only.

Special thanx to Alexey Murzov, Cupper E30 drift team & Rabitza club.

2017   Doc   Music video   Video   Wicked Bass Records   Wild † Is

Manuel Gonzales aka MGUN – Frosted Lakes (official music video)

Detroit techno meets the rough setting
of Moscow’s dormitory suburbs.

Video by Valdis Bielykh & Roman Ruktansky.
the Great Fruit production.
Moscow / 2014–2015.

Manuel Gonzales aka MGUN
Mangled mechanical madness on wax.
Making quality music and listening to quality music.

Location: 7760 West Vernor Highway, Detroit 48216, USA
Music: Abstract, Techno, Experimental
Record Labels: Don’t Be Afraid, Wild Oats Music, FIT, TTT, Third Ear Recordings

Filth 12” © Wicked Bass Reccords.
More info at Calvert

2015   Music video   Video   Wicked Bass Records   Wild † Is