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Hi, I’m add word or Edward Blagievskyexplorer* @ the world of classic and canon.
*author, producer & designer.

Currently: working at My Sleeping Gypsy ltd. as brand manager. Designer & project manager at The GF since 2011 till now. Cooperating with brands & productions as independent one.

Some of my projects:

Eclectic magazine “Pilgrimage” Issue 5 / SS 2016

Art direction & layout design.

This issue presents itself as two independent yet connected into one magazines. It is composed by 190 pages. Side A contains unique content reflecting on fashion and developed specifically under Eclectic’s unique concept, the Side B on the other hand is composed by interviews with the influencers from the spheres of art, culture and music.

This limited edition magazine can be purchased online or in selected stockists around the world such as Tate Modern (London), Le Palais de Tokyo (Paris), Athenaeum Boekhandel (Amsterdam), Cosmos Book Co. (Hong Kong), Armani Books (Milano), Mulberry Iconic Magazine (New York) among many others.

Side A:

Wanda Nylon
Akira Matsuo

$EN$E$‡SENSES ($$$ = 666). For a correct read refer to numeration:

+ #eclecticeats & eastern roads.

“Nexus of Niche” by Wanda Nylon
“Inside you” by Synchrodogs

MIDPOINT between A-side & B-side.
Flip the magazine & start read from the other side >

+stockists: this limited edition magazine can be purchased online or in selected stockists around the world such as Tate Modern (London), Le Palais de Tokyo (Paris), Athenaeum Boekhandel (Amsterdam), Cosmos Book Co. (Hong Kong), Armani Books (Milano), Mulberry Iconic Magazine (New York) among many others.

...side B on the other hand is composed by interviews with the influencers from the spheres of art, culture and music:

B Contents:

Andrey Bartenev
Jan Fabre
Igor Samolet
Sun O)))
Tommy Cash

Tommy Cash:

Savages, DIIV, Sun O))):

Wanderings with Andrey Bartenev:

Jan Fabre & Igor Samolet:

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“CGN” & “the NotS” books: design & production

Making/ Typewriting/ Publishing by the Great Fruit.

Proportions of the pages and the set of the bandwere executed according to the canons, established by Johannes Gutenberg and Peter Schaeffer, the pioneers of modern typography. Golden section serves as the basis for this canon.

The author’s world reveals yet another mystery before us. It is not a novel and not a detective. It is an opinion, a point of view, revision of concepts, poetry woven into people’s lives and vice versa.

“Second Skin” cover
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PAIRS PROJECT: magazine identity & cover design

Eighteen Photographers in England, France, Holland, Iceland, Italy, Ukraine and Russia are given a roll of 35mm film to shoot and send the undeveloped roll along with a title to the curators. Each photographer is paired with a brand and will shoot their pieces on friends, family, models, objects, still life, etc. in adherence with the Dogme ‘16 rules.

Dogme ‘16:

  1. Shooting must be done on location, no studios.
  2. Props and sets must not be brought in; a location for a certain prop must be chosen where the prop is found.
  3. Once a meeting place has been chosen, only the fashion curator can bring clothes, but the subjects must dress themselves and choose their own clothes without further intervention of the fashion curator.
  4. Hair or make-up artists are not allowed.
  5. Camera must be handheld (no timer, or tripods).
  6. Special lighting is forbidden, except for a built in flash.
  7. Optical work and filters are forbidden.
  8. Temporal and geographic alienation is forbidden.
  9. Genre series are not acceptable.
  10. Must be shot on 35mm film.
  11. No post production.

We apply the dogme ‘95 techniques and reinterpretation of rules to the medium of analogue film.
We refuse budgets, special effects, post-production, modifications and other technical gimmicks that have seen the editorial and photography world saturated with:

We encourage imagery to further explore the story with the objective to engage the observer, not alienate. Photographers, brands, and other people involved will only be listed as “participants”, so the observer will not be biased to one series over another. We do not accept advertising, but only donations towards the limited printing costs. there are no more than 500 copies and it will not go into reprint. this is to show appreciation for the observers who seek to observe.

Metal magazine: the Truth Unravelled.

Fucking young: Pairs Project.

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So Esthetic Group: first project of the Great Fruit (2011)

Brand identity, print production, signs & signboards production for So Esthetic Group.

Architectural company “So esthetic group” works with major Ukrainian businesses, foreign entities and individuals. Since 2008 they have completed over 30 architectural and interior design projects, both public and private. For the last 3 years they have been numerously awarded prizes at many design competitions, including Ukrainian “Best project of the year”.

SO ESTHETIC logo is minimalistic & functional.
There is a rhythm and clarity.

Photos by the Village.
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Lay-Far — Drop The Time feat. Ann Weller (Official Music Video)

© The Great Fruit / 2016
CAST: Marusya Fomina, Pavel Tabakov, Pavel Shevando, Roman Ruktansky, Annette Weller, Alexander Lay-Far, Nikita Elenev, Vladislav Semionov, Yaromir Shevchenko, Sergey Kostousov, Edward Kashporov, Anton Petrov, Arina Avtushenko, Alevtina Orekhova, Khristina Kuznetsova.
Director — Valdis Bielykh
Producer — Roman Ruktansky
Cameraman — Tim Motskus
Focus puller — Ksenia Sereda
Assistant — Klim Gammershmidt
Technical support — V. Khmelnitsky & A. Elyan
Best boys grip — I. Marchenkov, S. Bashevsky Y. Tomashevsky
Stylists — Nadoukka Divin, Alisa Gavura, Anastasia Tsybina
Make up artists — Anastasia Orlock, Anna Petrova, Alexandra Agapova, Lyuba Lishnevskaya
Casting call — Isabelle Eidlen
Sound recordist — Oleg Khoroshavin
Choreographer — Banzay (Farfor yo)
Stunt double — A. Pryanikov & S. Fetisov
Editing & Grading — Valdis Bielykh

Special Thanx to Christoph Matenaers (Makakali) & Edward Blagievsky.

Lay-Far — Drop The Time (Feat. Ann Weller)

How I Communicate (LTCD006)
© Local Talk Records

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HIMOL: brand identity, product design & production, website design & production

Himol produces household chemical supplies
and chemical products for various businesses.

Product design: solvent inks, windshield washer fluid, flaw detection liquid.

To design the whole product range we applied individual abstract style. For each bottle individual material, color and shape were chosen to fit the purpose it serves. Colors and graphics were based on intuitive perception of each product individually, which created an appropriate range of HIMOL products:

Special product design: disinfection liquid.

The brand appeared in April 2014 after the first wave of Ukrainian revolution. Just like the revolution started with Molotov cocktail, the branding started with a bottle of liquid fire starter. Everybody knows that Molotov cocktail is the essential weapon of revolution, and Ukrainian flag became synonymous to civil revolution. So the colors on Ukrainian flag made friends with the fire starter bottle in this project:

Main products design: liquid and gel firestarter.

HIMOL website:

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